With Utah being in the top five driest states and one of the fastest growing states, there is a need for water conservation. The need for water efficiently is growing and is key in meeting Utah's future water needs. Governor Herbert set out a challenge for Utah to improve water efficiency by 25 percent by the year 2025. Slow the Flow is funded by the GWCT and is here to build awareness, empower, and give Utahns the resources and tools they need to help improve water efficiency. Slow the Flow is a state wide program that is here to help independent and local programs to help improve sustainable water use.  


Utah has one of the highest rates of water consumption and is the second driest state in the nation. Water Wise Utah Partnership is here to help you help the state of Utah. With the state of Utah growing all residents can help to make a difference. Water Wise Utah Partnership provides resources for conserving water indoors, outdoors, with kids, organizations and more. They also provide many resources for education and determining if your home is a water conscience home. Water Wise Utah Partnership's goal to help all Utah residents join the ripple effect for the water wise challenge. 


Weber Basin Water Conservancy District serves over 600,000 in Weber, Davis, Morgan Summit, and Box Elder counties. The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District provides drinking water and also secondary water to these areas. They are dedicated to maintaining an adequate water supply and to manage the limited water supply with a growing population. The main focus to help accomplish this goal is through education. There are free and online classes to help change the way people see water use, especially on landscapes. The hope is to change water use ethic in the communities while still maintaining the beautiful landscape and neighborhoods.  


Jordan River Water Conservancy District is one of the largest water providers in the state of Utah. In total the Jordan River Water Conservancy serves over 620,000 people. The goal of the Jordan River Conservancy is to protect the Utah's limited water supply by constantly working to educate, inspire, and empower the sate of Utah and their communities to be water wise. Jordan River Water Conservancy District has helped their communities through education and conservation programs. These programs have included flip your strip, landscaping consultations, Conservation Garden Park, and free or low cost classes. They are working hard to create water efficiency ethic in their communities.